Create Beautiful Content



Beautifully designed responsive content blocks, ready to drag and drop. Engage your audience with thoughtful, relevant content.

  • Build multi-column content, series of photos, lists of features and many more.
  • Improve editing experience with the flexibility to move elements or change styles the right way (all without adding complexity to the interface or HTML structure).
  • The image embed uses base64 format which can be saved automatically as jpg or png.
  • Make writing fun again with clean & minimalistic toolbar design, convenient text settings & wide font size range that you can pick easily without scrolling and adjust precisely with responsive result.
  • Advanced Color-Picker. Start with simple predefined base colors - each will show gradient (lightness) options when you pick one.
  • Hide unwanted tools, choose the toolbar placement or even make the interface super clean to help users write without distraction.


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